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About Dinamiclab

Dinamiclab is a design lab for the complete implementation of technological projects. We create lighting, AV, HVAC, and advanced home automation systems that connect environments to devices. Dinamiclab creates smart environments.

Now you can manage through a software or the mobile device any creative solutions you can imagine in your environment, for example integrated TV screens that appear magically or the most complex security devices.

From Barcelona and Ibiza we develop a creative ideas where your inspiration is the limit and technology our challenge.

How do we make the difference?

We offer a fully centralised project development that covers 100% of the client’s needs while unifying all the services in just one provider.

Why are we different?

Dinamiclab is continuously evolving. Staying dynamic is about pushing the limits of innovation. It means finding technologic integration solutions even where it seems impossible. We love challenges that arouse admiration.

The final result is a design solution that embraces engineering and interior design as well as installation, plumbing, and masonry work. All in one.

We work with the leading brands in the market

Lutron - Distribuidor oficial
Official distributor

Lutron is a world leader company that designs and produces lighting control solutions to reduce lighting energy use. This innovative company invented the technology to regulate fluorescents, and owns more than 2.000 patents while producing over 15.000 different products.

Crestron - Distribuidor oficial
Official distributor

Creston electronics is word leader in the field of control and automation advanced systems. A company that drives its efforts to innovate in technology to reinvent people’s way of life and work. They offer integration solutions that include AV, lightning, HVAC and home theatre systems to enhance life quality in corporations, schools, universities, residences, auditoriums, and much more.


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