A touch that changes your world

Suitable for the whole family
Suitable for the whole family

Dinamiclab unifies all the commands of your electronic and mechanic equipment in just one tap and wireless device. Or, if you prefer you can turn your smartphone or tablet into a universal control terminal. Integrate all your home and office functionalities in a simple, comfortable and intelligent way.

The unique management software is adapted to suit each specific feature and can be as complete as you like. The adults of the household will enjoy a comprehensive control system in a simplified function panel that will make their lives easier, allowing them to forget about complex remote controls.

Complete control at the press of a button.
Welcome to the intelligent home.

What can we include in a home automation system?

Actually, everything: from audiovisual equipment to lighting, remote access and even acclimatisation systems. It allows you to schedule doors and windows’ opening/closing times, to activate the alarm and, if desired, to monitor your home’s temperature from the office.

Record your favourite programs in personalized folders, and create thematic areas in order to quickly locate them: sport programs, movies, documentaries, children’s programs, cooking shows and much more

They say beauty lies within

And it certainly does! These devices hide a more complex engine than you could ever imagine. Astonish your visitors with the spectacular nature of a TV hidden under the floor, enjoy a real home theatre experience, and transform atmospheres with lighting effects.>

Use energy to control shades, blinds, doors and windows, and garage doors. Feel the convenience of awnings and pergolas regulation. Automation means convenience, effortlessly control and suitability to all systems.

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