HVAC “À la carte”

sistemas de climatizacion dinamiclab
Climate control in challenging
and complex environments

Monitoring the climate and modifying temperature conditions, as a convenience or as a necessity, have been humanity’s ambition since the dawn of time.

Dinamiclab has developed a very intuitive software that can be used even in complex installations. This software enables comfortable environments to be created. It is compatible with all current corporate and residential HVAC systems, and also for size-challenged spaces such as offices, companies, and industrial establishments.

The versatility of the climate control system is adapted to the user’s needs. It has variable complexity levels in terms of the number of parameters that can be set for the chosen environment.

Regulate your microclimate
whenever and wherever you want.

One environment, different climates

Unlike the standard models, selective HVAC models create sectored temperature conditions. Select from the device screen specific areas of radiant floor, activate them and enjoy customized conditions. Each environment with its own temperature, comfort for each family member

HVAC’s results are always efficient and uniform, and can also be adjusted and programmed to suit the user’s needs. Thanks to the home automation system and the automatic closing of blinds, acclimatisation is the essential tool that will help you find the perfect energy balance.

The blind automation and the automated shading function, which is activated according to either daylight hours or temperature sensors, not only represent an efficient management of natural resources, but also act as an active security measure. All the information is centralised in the device so it can be rapidly analysed and reconfigured.

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