Access under control

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Access control at work or at home

goes beyond mechanical or electronic numerical access verification. It also allows you to adjust different environmental variables: light intensity can be set according to the presence of persons, and the temperature level can be configured based on the information received.

The advantages are unlimited: resource efficiency studies, waiting time reduction, data base creation with access and peak hour information, etc. Moreover, you will be able to benefit from a worry-free management by setting up predefined access protocols for each user

An excellent complement
to the mechanical security system

The access control is an excellent complement to the mechanical security system as they integrate seamlessly. Although the main use of this control is the management of the main access points (doors and windows), it can also be used as a flexible solution to monitor storerooms, garages, pet gates…

Increase your home’s security with automated license plate readers. Its software reads, register and stores the vehicles identification in all the property’s accesses. A rapid response as well as efficient surveillance measure that enables to monitor circulation inside your property.
Manage the access control with license plate readers from your mobile device, wherever you are.

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